How To Open Aadhar Card PDF File Password – eAadhar Card PDF Pin

So, are you looking for how to open aadhar card pdf file password and need eAadhar Card PDF Pin then you are on very right post. In this article, you will get working solution for e aadhaar pdf download process.

eAadhar Card PDF Pin

As you know that when we download Eaadhar card online, its comes with a password pattern, when we open it with PDF reader like Adobe, it asks for password or PIN. But in most cases we dontknow these  eAadhar Card PDF Pin. In this webpage I will help you by sharing  aadhaar card pdf password remover and problem which is how to open aadhar card pdf file password will be solved.

How To Open Aadhar Card PDF File Password

I was reading comment section of this blog and lot of peoples were asking that my aadhaar card pdf password not opening. This article is only for thoese. Here you can downloade aadhaar pdf download.

eAadhar Card PDF Pin
eAadhar Card PDF Pin

Here i am sharing two different methods. You can try the following passwords.

  • Password length is 8 characters
    • First 4 characters of your name as mentioned in Aadhaar card (All small letters)
    • Next 4 characters are your year of birth which is mentioned in Aadhaar card
  • Password length is 6 characters
    • Pin code of your address as per Aadhaar records
    • Pin code of your enrolled area where you have applied the Aadhaar card.

Hence you can open your eAadhar Card PDF Pin. I hope this article will be helpfull to you.

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